New Dads Lose Almost Half of Their Testosterone Production!

By Brad Palubicki

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It is a well-known fact that women experience profound hormonal shifts during pregnancy. However, few people know that soon-to-become dads undergo significant changes in their hormonal balance as well.

Scientists knew for a while that married men with children tend to have lower testosterone levels than those men who have never had children or made wedding vows. But new research conducted by the University of Michigan discovered that new dads experience a stunning drop in their testosterone production.

The study monitored 29 couples who were preparing to have their first child. Scientists who analyzed saliva samples taken from soon-to-be mothers and fathers throughout the pregnancy period expected to see significant hormonal changes in women. What surprised them, was a whopping 40 percent drop in male testosterone levels during the first month after their child’s birth.

Another surprising find of that study is that even thinking about having children and preparing for them mentally produces a shift in hormone production. Although unexpected, such hormonal behavior does make sense. A decline in testosterone production during the first weeks after birth helps new dads to become more affectionate and sensitive to their baby’s needs.

However, it is important for new dads to keep monitoring their hormones in the months following the birth of their child and make sure that their testosterone levels go back to normal. After all, fathers will need all of their strength and energy to care for their newborn babies for years to come.


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