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New Blog Series to Raise Awareness about Men’s Health Issues

Dear readers of this blog,

I am excited to announce the launch of a new series of blogs focused on men’s health and the issues men are often embarrassed to discuss in public. I think that you will find my articles to be interesting and informative. I hope that together we can spark a wider discussion about these important issues and help thousands of men live longer and healthier lives.

Below is the recently issued press release announcing my new blog series:

Brad Palubicki Introduces New Blog Series to Raise Awareness About Men’s Health Issues

Brad Palubicki, President of a national network of medical centers, is proud to announce a new informative blog series at as part of an ongoing effort to raise awareness about men’s health issues. Men and women of any age can use this blog as an accessible educational resource of information and insight concerning men’s health and well being.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) October 28, 2015

Brad Palubicki, President of an industry leading national network of medical centers, today announced the launch of his new blog series at that will be focused on raising awareness about important men’s health issues. Dedicated to helping men lead healthy and rewarding lifestyles, Mr. Palubicki will write daily blogs discussing common health concerns among men, as well as sharing relevant news and advice on how to address them.

“Since launching several month ago, I became more and more involved in the online community,” said Palubicki. “I think that social media provides extremely useful platforms for informing and educating people about common and preventable health risks we all face in our daily lives. I hope that my website and my new blog will create a safe space for an open and judgment-free conversation that will be helpful and informative for everyone who wants to be healthy.”

The new blog series will help both men and women learn more about men’s health and the issues most men do not often talk about. In addition to posting daily blogs on his website, Brad Palubicki will help raise awareness by sharing his insight via social media, including Blogspot, Twitter (@Brad_Palubicki) and Google+.

To learn more about Brad Palubicki, please visit his website at:


Brad Palubicki is a passionate supporter of healthy lifestyles and an outspoken advocate of men’s and women’s right to be healthy. As President of NuMale Medical Center, an industry leading national network of men’s health clinics, Brad Palubicki understands what it takes to maintain the highest levels of patient care. Under his leadership, NuMale has become one of the most trusted names in men’s sexual health and has expanded its footprint nationwide.