Why “Toughing It Out” Is Not a Good Strategy for Your Health

By Brad Palubicki

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 I started this blog in order to promote public conversations about health and remove the taboo from certain health issues, including male and female sexual dysfunctions. I believe that it is extremely important to have open and judgment-free discussions about our health issues and educate ourselves about the most effective ways of identifying, preventing and treating them.

As President of NuMale Medical Centers, a leading national men’s health clinic, I mainly focus my blogs on men’s health issues. Unlike women, men are often slow to react to their health concerns, often trying to “tough it out” until it’s too late. In fact, research shows that men are on average 24 percent less likely to visit a doctor within a given year than women.

Could that be another reason why male life expectancy in the U.S. is almost 7 years shorter than female?

Our Alpha-male-oriented culture conditions men to always be tough, to hide our emotions and never show weakness. These cultural stereotypes, however, are often detrimental to our health. Obsessed with our careers and terrified of failure, we run our ourselves on overdrive year after year, not willing to slow down even when our bodies show signs of exhaustion.

The fact is, men are not machines: our physical and emotional states cannot be ignored. Most common health problems men are suffering from today could be prevented if addressed in time. That’s why it is very important to pay attention to our health and seek the help of a medical professional as soon as any concerns arise.

On this blog, I plan to continue exploring this topic and talk more in depth about the easy ways to maintain your health and sexual wellness and the steps you should be taking to prevent a number of serious diseases.

Stay tuned…


Brad Palubicki is a passionate supporter of healthy lifestyles and an outspoken advocate of men’s and women’s right to be healthy. As President of NuMale Medical Center, an industry leading national network of men’s health clinics, Brad Palubicki understands what it takes to maintain the highest levels of patient care. Under his leadership, NuMale has become one of the most trusted names in men’s sexual health and has expanded its footprint nationwide.