When is the Best Time for Making Love?

By Brad Palubicki

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 I’ll start by cutting straight to the chase and say that the best time for making love, according to experts, is around 3 p.m. Yes, it turns out that most people are habitually missing out on the best time to get intimate with their partners since most people are hard at work at this time of day.

Still, according to hormone experts, 3 o’clock in the afternoon is when the magic begins to happen in both male and female bodies. Around this time, men experience a natural daily boost in their estrogen levels, which makes them more emotionally sensitive and attuned to their partner’s needs. Women, on the other hand, experience an increase in their cortisol, a hormone that helps them be more energetic and alert.

Although men’s testosterone usually peaks in the early morning around 7 a.m., women’s cortisol levels do not start rising until midday or later in the afternoon. This is why researchers picked 3 p.m. as a happy medium when both genders have a higher chance of synchronizing their libidos.

But if a 3 p.m. “afternoon delight” doesn’t fit into your busy work schedule, there’s no need to despair – after all, it is ALWAYS 3 o’clock somewhere.


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