Why So Many Men Ignore Their Erectile Dysfunction

By Brad Palubicki

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 ape-159201_1280Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition that affects millions of men nationwide. If your problems getting or maintaining an erection for successful sexual intercourse persist for longer than a couple of months, you should definitely seek medical help to address the issue.

According to research, around 40 percent of men over age 40 are affected by this condition. However, a recent study conducted by Southern Illinois University School of Medicine found that only 25 percent of men who had been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction actually followed up to fill a prescription to treat their condition.

So why do so many men ignore their erectile dysfunction?

Well, there are several possible answers to this question. For one, men are concerned about the potential cost of their treatment, since many insurance companies do not cover the costs of erectile dysfunction medicine. But in my opinion, a much more significant role in this situation is played by men’s embarrassment and reluctance to publicly admit their problem, even to a pharmacist.

This, however, is a losing strategy. Erectile dysfunction is a serious medical condition that should be treated timely just like any other disorder. Moreover, erectile dysfunction is oftentimes a precursor to other dangerous health conditions, including cardiovascular disease.

At NuMale Medical Center, we realize that erectile dysfunction is no laughing matter. That’s why we make sure that all of our patients receive personalized attention and treatment in a professional and caring environment. I urge all men suffering from erectile dysfunction not to ignore their medical condition and to seek treatment from a qualified professional.


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